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2 children butcher third; man shot by neighbor 

August 24, 1885 Montgomery, Alabama  Three children between 4 and 11 were involved in a bizarre reenactment of a butchering they witnessed the day before, using the youngest as a substitute for the pig. Despite being published in several newspapers across the country, little else can be found to verify this claim. Akron, Ohio A… Continue reading 2 children butcher third; man shot by neighbor 

Crime Scene Photography · New York

Body fished from river

August 24, 1943 New York, New York The body of ambulance driver Morris Linker is fished from the East river Linker had been driving the ambulance accompanied by and a nurse, Margaret Houts, when Linker swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian. The pedestrian was struck regardless and suffered bone fractures before the ambulance hit a… Continue reading Body fished from river

Armenia · Executions · Religion · Turkey

The Skinned Saint

August 24 (approximately), 1st Century AD Albanopolis, Kingdom of Armenia (present day day Turkey or Armenia) Saint Bartholomew is martyred, possibly being flayed alive before beheaded As the accounts of Saint Bartholomew are 2000 years old, some discrepancies are bound to be found. In Western Catholicism, August 24 is St. Bartholomew's feast day, thought to… Continue reading The Skinned Saint