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Execution of William Wallace

August 23, 1305 Smithfield, London, Middlesex, England William Wallace is executed for treason and wartime atrocities against non-combatants "sparing neither age nor sex, monk nor nun" Wallace was a Scottish knight and one of the instrumental leaders in the Wars of Scottish Independence and managed to avoid capture by the English until he was given… Continue reading Execution of William Wallace

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Airplane crash kills 61 including children 

August 23, 1944 Freckleton, Lancashire, England A Consolidated B-24 Liberator of the United States Army Air Forces crashes due to a storm, killing 61 including 38 children The aircraft had been flying over Lancashire, England when a storm with 60 mph winds hit. The plane's crew likely underestimated the severity of the storm until it… Continue reading Airplane crash kills 61 including children 

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Unusual Suicide Device (graphic)

August 23, 1931 San Dimas canyon, California The body of Frank Hinchcliff is found following an unusual suicide Hinchcliff (32), for motives unknown, decided to end his life by placing a stick of dynamite under his hat, connecting 2 wires to the "sparking apparatus of his automobile," and touching the wires together causing the dynamite… Continue reading Unusual Suicide Device (graphic)