August 22, 1928
Fairfield, California
Leung Ying (alternatively referred to as Loy Yeung) kills 11 at his former employer’s house while under the influence of cocaine

Leung had been dismissed by his employer, Wong Gee, for allegedly having a sexual affair (either willingly or forcefully) with Wong’s 15-year-old daughter. On the night of August 22, 1928, Leung revisited the ranch with a rifle and a hatchet.
His victims were as follows:

Wong Gee: shot in the heart
Cheung Yueng, farmhand: shot
Wa Wey, farmhand: shot in the back
Wong Hueng, Gee’s brother: shot in the abdomen
Low Shek, cook: shot in the stomach
Yeung Soon, farmhand: shot
Mrs. Wong Gee: shot between the eyes, body later mutilated with hatchet
Unnamed infant, 2-weeks-old: decapitated with hatchet
Johnnie Wong, 4: shot in the head
Willie Wong, 3: skull crushed with hatchet
Nellie Wong, 15: shot in the back
Leung was found guilty and sentenced to hang but took his own life in prison by hanging himself with a towel.

(Newspaper article: San Jose News, August 23, 1928)

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