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Man Living in Attic Kills Lover’s Husband

August 22, 1922 Los Angeles, California Walburga "Dolly" Oesterreich's secret lover she has hidden in her attic shoots and kills her husband before staging the scene as a robbery gone wrong Dolly met her future lover, Otto Sanhuber, when she was 33 and he was 17. The pair quickly transitioned from friends to lovers, meeting… Continue reading Man Living in Attic Kills Lover’s Husband

Religion · Scotland

First Nessie Spotting, 1500 years ago 

August 22, 565 Highland, Scotland Saint Columba makes the first recorded discovery of the Loch Ness Monster According to the Life of St. Columba by Adomnán, St. Columba, patron saint of bookbinders, floods, and poets (among others), was traveling with companions when they came across a few locals burying a man. The man had been… Continue reading First Nessie Spotting, 1500 years ago 

California · Massacres/Mass Murder · Newspaper clippings

Revenge Murders Fueled by Cocaine 

August 22, 1928 Fairfield, California Leung Ying (alternatively referred to as Loy Yeung) kills 11 at his former employer's house while under the influence of cocaine Leung had been dismissed by his employer, Wong Gee, for allegedly having a sexual affair (either willingly or forcefully) with Wong's 15-year-old daughter. On the night of August 22,… Continue reading Revenge Murders Fueled by Cocaine