Famous Last Words
Stephen A. Nash
San Quentin, California
August 21, 1959

“I’m the king of killers; I’ll go to my death like a king should. I have nothing to die for because I had nothing to live for.”

Nash was a convicted killer of 11 boys and men, the youngest of whom was 10 years old. Though he claimed 11 murders, murdered for thrill and sexual satisfaction, he also suggested there may have been more. Nash gave the identities and details of 5 who were each stabbed, though he claimed to have also killed by means of strangulation, poisoning liquor with iodine, and bludgeoning. Nash stated he would only release the information of the other victims if the State paid a fee for each one, finding glee in the citizens essentially bribing him for information, and he charged newspaper photographers for the privilege to take his picture.

His final words were spoken to reporters as he headed to San Quentin State Prison for the final time. He left no recorded final statement at the time of his execution.

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