Famous Last Words
Carl Kelly
August 22, 1993
McLennan County, Texas

“I’m an African warrior, born to breathe, and born to die.”

Kelly was executed for the murder of 2 men in 1980 with the help of an accomplice, Thomas Graves. The 2 robbed a 7-Eleven, taking $30 and abducting the cashier. Graves and Kelly stole the cashier’s car and drove him to a remote location, shooting him 3 times and throwing his body from a cliff. A transient who was sleeping in the clerk’s car when it was stolen was killed as well. Kelly then returned to the convenience store to finish robbing it but found police were already investigating the scene. Graves was apprehended soon after driving the clerk’s vehicle.

Graves to a plea deal and was given a life term in prison. Kelly, however, tried to plead his case in court, first confessing to have fired one of the fatal shots but later recanting claiming to only have assisted in throwing the body from the cliff. He was found guilty and spent 12 years on death row, his lawyers successfully delaying the execution but unable to overturn the conviction despite using Kelly’s low IQ and childhood abuse at the hands of his father to garner sympathy.

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