August 20, 1672
The Hague, Holland, Dutch Republic
Brothers Johan and Cornelis de Witt are lynched and mutilated

Cornelis de Witt had been Grand Pensionary (similar to a Prime Minister) of Holland during a time of revolution. Seen as a traitor to the newly appointed King William III, he first survived an assassination attempt in June and resigned from his office on August 4. This was not enough for his political enemies and he was arrested on false allegations of treason.

Cornelis was sentenced to exile and his brother Johan visited him to assist in his journey. They were quickly shot by the civic militia in a clear assassination and left to the mob who set upon them, killing them (it’s unclear if the shots finished them off or if the mob did), cutting their tongues, fingers, and toes off, tearing flesh from their bodies to consume raw on the spot or take home to cook and eat later, and their hearts torn out to display.

“The tongue of Johan de Witt and a finger of Cornelis de Witt”

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