August 19, 1895
El Paso, Texas
Outlaw John Wesley Hardin is killed in a saloon following a heated argument

Hardin was an outlaw wanted for several murders, though he claimed any deaths he was responsible for were all in self-defense. One of the killings he admitted to, however, involved a man shot through a wall for snoring too loudly.

On August 19, 1895, Hardin exchanged words with a former outlaw turned lawman, John Selman, Jr., for arresting Hardin’s friend, a part-time prostitute named M’Rose (alternate spelling Mroz) for “brandishing a gun in public.” The men parted ways after their argument, though they met again in the Acme Saloon and during another altercation Selman shot Hardin in the head. After Hardin’s body fell, Selman shot him another 3 times.

Selman was arrested for the murder and claimed self-defense. His first trial resulted in a hung jury. Before he was able to be tried a second time Selman was killed in a shootout with a US Marshal following a dispute regarding a card game.

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