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Jack the Ripper’s first victim

August 31, 1888 Whitechapel, London, England Mary Ann Nichols becomes Jack the Ripper's first victim Nichols was a prostitute by trade. She was denied a room in a boarding house because she lacked the funds to rent it and stated she would earn the money quickly because of a new bonnet she had purchased. Approximately… Continue reading Jack the Ripper’s first victim

Newspaper clippings · Oregon

Manipulated to murder by animal spirits

August 31, 2010 Dallas, Oregon The bodies of David Scott Jondle and Marilyn Jondle are found after they were murdered by their son Andrew at the behest of his girlfriend Andrew (20) had started seeing Cindy Lou Beck (46) a month before the murders; his parents strongly disapproved of their relationship. The couple moved in… Continue reading Manipulated to murder by animal spirits